How should I go about making a multiplayer fps

Specifically in terms of animations. Im using blender and Ue4, and both seem pretty hands on. I’m having no trouble in anything besides animation logic. There’s really no videos on how to go about making animations for your 3D player model for a multiplayer fps. I’ve seen videos on fps animations but they’re almost always hand/gun animations, that don’t address things like picking up weapons, reloading (and how you do stuff like reload animations while also keeping your leg movement animations).

Let me try to give you what I think is the most relevant information for what I need. So basically, I’m trying to make a low poly esport type of thing, much like csgo in terms of game logic. There’s only one player model, both of the teams share it, but have different skins for this model (ones red themed ones blue, I’ve already made em). There are going to be four classes of weapons, primaries, secondaries, grenades, and knives. Each can be carried at the same time on your body, but only one can be in your hands at any given time (excluding grenades which I’ll talk about later). There cannot be multiple of each on your person at a given time. You can drop any of these weapons by equipping them and pressing a key (again, besides grenades). Unlike Counter Strike, grenades aren’t unholsterable. A grenade can be selected for use when you press a key, which cycles through your grenades, then another key would be to throw that grenade (this is the system that Arma 3 uses). I also want grenades to be droppable (without throwing, for pickup later). I’d like this to be done with its own key, dropping whichever grenade is selected. I also don’t need this to be animated. It’d be fine if the grenade dropped straight down, with the playermodel being unaffected.

Alright , enough about nades, so on the topic of weapon pickup. When you pickup a weapon I’d like a sort of split second lift animation, which delays your ability to fire the weapon.

The real struggle I have is with combining animations. How do you go about doing reload animations which don’t interfere with walking animations, same for gun shooting animations. Also, how do you let your player look around without interfering with your animations. I’d like the head swivel to be seen from another player to perspective of a certain players model. Also, One important thing to know is that I’d like to not make first person animations to be as fair as possible to the esport aspect of things. I want every player to see the exact same thing, and I think hand/gun in hand models for first person would interfere with this.

Edit: in the last paragraph where I talk about look animations. I want the gun and arms to follow wherever the player is looking, like csgo. Edit: also, there’s no aiming down sights besides for scoped weapons, I think this is really relevant and forgot to throw it in there. You can also walk while scoped in of course.

Hi there,
From what i can understand you would want to get in the mind set of a layered animation approach. Usually you have a base layer then partial layer and then additive layer.
Additive layer can be used for head looks, aim offsets and general body posture adjustments. Creating additive reach “poses” which act as the delta from your base pose, then you manipulate the weight of those poses on TOP of the base layer. For reloading while running you will need to use a partial animation layer technique. In this method you “isolate” specific bones in your skeleton hierarchy which will play an override “reload” animation while everything below the spine (base layer) will play the running animation.
Your content will need to take this into account.