How should I do the multiplayer for my mobile game?

So I want to make an android game with multiplayer, I’ve tried searching around the forums but I couldn’t find a definitive answer, I hope I didn’t miss it. Anyways I want to make a game where, lets take the example of the starter package unreal 4 has, it’s a guy who can walk around in a box. I want to have this guy bend down and write his name on the floor and his name will show up to other people who have this demo installed on their android devices, they can walk over the name and then click to summon this person (kinda like in dark souls or the soul series in general) so I have 2 questions, First how should I go about implementing this? I don’t know exactly how to enable multiplayer on unreal engine 4 for a mobile platform. Secondly, is there a way I can implement this using google’s games API? Or is there a better way to implement the multiplayer not involving google’s API. The game is third person perspective also if that matters


All information about how to build a network game you can find in this links. Also you can use forum.

In this playlist you find tutorial how to modify TPS template project for networking.

Project for this tutorial you can download with Epic Game Launcher Learn/Gameplay Concept Examples/Multiplayer Shootout

For build network game for mobile (or other platforms) you need build your own Dedicated (Standalone) Server (on Windows, MacOS, Linux). The Server must be build from same project, that you build the clients for mobile or other platforms.

So this means that a mobile device can not host a network multiplayer game??

Yes. On mobile device you can run client only.

Where is that stated in the unreal engine 4 documentation? Thank you in advance.

That is actually not correct svv3dUDN,

I managed to get it working as per my post:
There’s just a bug in the engine that is not making it work with the default blueprint nodes :wink:

Hi, this topic is really important to me. There’s a question that hopefully could be explained: How does each mobile client connect to the dedicated server on a cloud machine, such as AWS, google compute engine?

I mean, I have an IP adress. How can I set the IP address to link within the bluerpint or code?

Any epic guy that can help?

interested too

Me too someone help!

I have the solution i have created the android multiplayer by ue4
If you want full project file msg me on telegram @AniketG7

Can anyone provide me some documentations for online multiplayer mobile platform games. Official documentations are only for desktop multiplayer platform.