How should I approach a road system?

My plan so far is to use the landscape editor with the landscape spline system, However when the visual part is done how can I program an AI to follow the landscape spline?

Bear in mind that I’ll have multiple lanes on 1 spline.

To my knowledge I’ll have to setup another spline system on top of the road just to show the AI where it can and should drive.

Is that what I’ll have to do or is there a better way to approach it?

None know?..

Landscape spline tools deforms a spline actor to the static mesh form.

You have to implement Blueprint Splines

I know but u cant deform the landscape with the blueprint splines like u can with the landscape splines.
So again, should I build the road out of landscape splines and the overlay on it the blueprint splines to show the AI where to go?

Hey there,

Your question is complex and you can go about it in many different ways. I’ve been thinking about creating a traffic system as a future project and thought about 2 main approaches - Node Based (AI goes from node to node) and spline-based (AI follows a spline). I decided to go with splines for more control since the AI will be driving a car.

As far as creating roads - feel free to use my free community tool the Modular Road Tool to create your roads quickly :).

You can get it HERE

Hope this helps!