How should i animate my character?

I really have never had a need for the animation system. But would like to get into it.
Do I only have to rig a character then animate in UE4? Or do I do it in another program?
Also, If I can do that in UE4, can I use motion capture? Any answers will be appreciated! :slight_smile:

you have to rig in a 3D app, whilst you can animate in UE4 it’s not recommended as it is a lot easier and faster to animate in your 3D app. As far as I know there is no direct way to use mocaps in UE4, you would need to import them to a 3D app apply it to your model and then export/import it to UE4.

Okay so it is possible to do most of it in UE4! I don’t wan’t to spend time learning another piece of software!

P.S. My 3d app that I can rig in is blender. And that is confusing as hell. So being able to animate in UE4 would be easier! And I’m not doing any amazing animations. Simple waking, moving… easy stuff.

If all you want is basic animations you can retarget the animations from Animation Starter Pack and Mixamo characters to your own skeletal mesh. Then use the editor to tweak those animations and/or add stuff to your liking instead of doing everything in the editor.

Edit: I’ve changed the title of the thread for others to find it easily when they search on the same topic.