How shoul i create a Tools/Objects system for my project? What is the workflow?

I have a lot of question about this, i have a project and am thinking about add some tools like Axe, pickaxe and other things like a chainsaw with his respective animation that can be grabbed from the world. (A good example is Raft, or Ark, inclusive Minecraft or The Forest) So, i was wondering what is the correct workflow for this…

How i should setup this to my Character?

I need to use one skeletal mesh and re-asign it according of what i grab? (And also re-asign his blueprint animations)

I think i should use different Actors blueprints with his own system for each tool and when i need to add them to my inventory i attach them to my Character, but how i can attach an Actor as component to my Character? I dont think it is possible

I should make hands animation and parent the skeletal meshes to the hands skeletal mesh and use the hand movement to move the other tools? (For the axe for example)

How i detect what skeletal mesh im using right now? All the code for each tool should be in the Player blueprint? I think that’s gonna be so hard to read, probably the better solution for all of this is put all the code for each tool in an Actor Blueprint and atach it to player depending on if i grab it floor or things like that

I was thinking this all of this day and i cant figured out, any help is appreciated :slight_smile: