How safe is it to update to a newer version of the engine when you have a lot of C++ code? Should I?

I’m using version 2.19. There really isn’t anything important I want from the newer versions, save for a few assets that require at least version 2.20, but those are mostly secondary.

Most of my project is in C++ and I wonder whether it’d be compatible. I don’t believe I’m doing anything too out of the ordinary, but some of my code required studying the engine code and making a few assumptions that may not hold in newer versions, depending on how compatible newer versions try to be.

Is there any reason to update the engine?

Yes, it would be worth for just for few types of optimizations that came since March 2018:

  • game optimizations
  • editor-time optimizations and cooker performance
  • time saved by new tools and improvements, perhaps not for you, but your team :wink:

If you’re working in C++ you want to update for LiveCoding, improved C++ compilation times, Unreal Insights.

If you didn’t customize the engine’s code heavily, updating from version to version isn’t a huge issue.
Sometimes you need to update some part of code to the new API or squash one or two bugs. Rarely happen to encounter a nasty bug that takes you a day to fix.

Thanks a lot. You convinced me, LiveCoding would be a massive help if it works.

Project currently fails to compile currently, and it seems I will also have to update VS as well. Errors appear to be minor. A pain but it seems worth it for LiveCoding alone.