How push or pull a box with paper 2D?


It’s been weeks since I’ve been trying to implement the mechanics of the character of pushing or pulling a 2D box, but without success. First, I made the box attach to the character. It works in the editor but does not work on Android.

Here the demonstration video.

Then I tried a different approach, but without success …
what am I doing wrong? ):

not sure yet but it seems strange to me that you would Play From Start on a timeline every tick

Equally atrange is setting a looping timer of 0.0 seconds on every tick.

It’s possible that these techniques somehow worked priperly because your pc has a higher framerate
and dont work on android because its acting as steangely as i would expect it to, and running slower it happens to miss the race condition that luckily allows it to resolve on pc

I prefer to attach the box in the character, but the problem is that in the android the function does not seem to work, only in the editor.