How prepared is epic & coders? - Future of Technology

When the era of the ps3 came around and it’s technology Came about. I recall almost every third party engine and company not being able to tap into the PlayStation’s full potential leading to many of third party developers left in the dust. I see it’s been abandoned this time around and seeing every American is going to have a tax break would be able to afford the big bucks machine(Cell broadband is back??) Fortunately for me I have the means to learn this stuff. But I don’t know the huge difference and how it will effect other people. Would epic be ready for this?? Can the simple coders be able to step up to the plate or would their just be a major fallout(pun intended)

I’m not sure what you are asking, what are you wondering if Epic is prepared for?

I guess you have to be a Sony gamer to remember the days of the ps3 or a big time gamer. When Every Developer Couldn’t figure out the Cell Engine which they used ports and it was crappy on Sony. When this technology returns will epic be ready???

You realise of course, that some of us are old enough to remember the days before Playstations even existed?

I have no idea what ‘Cell broadband’ is, but Sony’s Cell processor isn’t coming back.

PS3 wasn’t news because actually in the PS2 era many companies went bankrupt already.
They weren’t prepared for the custom hardware of PS2 and by the time they adapt there were no money anymore to develop any commercial product.

Sony be like “-we gonna build our entire set of custom hardware for consoles because we are king on consoles now after the huge success of PlayStation (1)! So we gonna make custom everything and everyone gonna have to deal with it and build SDKs from scratch to work on our hardware; Our own custom hardware, with blackjack and h**kers!”

Well That’s a very heavy comp science topic to get into basically… lets just say that’s the next step in any technology… For advancement I don’t see why not.

Hey the hackers broke it because we was suppose to have Linux lol…so they tapped into that. It sounds like a challenge actually. And the point is just not Computer Science and games

Science period is to push the limit and boundaries.Hate to see us take a step back. –

Whatever the next console is, UE4 will likely support it as soon as they possibly can, for Sony it would be in their best interest to get engines like UE4 working on a new console so that it’s easy for developers to make games for it.