How place Widget over curved mesh

I’m excited with the new feature, 3D Unreal Motion Graphics UI, is very usefull to place anywhere in the scene a widget. But I haven’t seen the way to place over mesh, my goal is to place it over curved surface, not like a simple plane, like in the unreal 4.6 picture release info:

I don’t know if is available right now or not yet to be experimental and so new.

Try some 3rd party solutions for UI in Unreal. I’m sure there was some example of doing that.

Just some high level overview:

You could try to use RenderTarget to capture your widget and use that RenderTarget in material as texture to display it on any curved mesh.
Then your linecast for your cursor position against that mesh to obtain UV coordinates and translate them to pointer position to use and relay it to widget to control it and interact with it.