how page through search results in forum search?

I’m trying to search the ark mod sub-forum on the keyword ‘preview’ because I’m getting an upload file size error on my ‘preview’ image, even though my preview image is only 146 Kb(not > 1 MB which is what triggered this error previously).

Anyway, in the second attached image, it says ‘Results 1 to 15 of 24’ but I can’t seem to find any way on the search page to page forward to search results 16 to 24? Probably something simple on the page that I’m overlooking, but can’t seem to find the webpage mechanism to page through the search result list the same as the general forum.


I just tried the same thing and got all 25 results on one page. Check for a dropdown menu where it says display x results per page would be my suggestion.

The image may be corrupted or damaged as well. I tried to use an image I had found once for a temporary placeholder but got either this error or something similar. I’d try using a different one and see if that does the trick.

  • Sinari

Max preview is 1mb and 500x500px (I could not manage to get mine any higher then this)