How Overwrite static mesh in parent blueprint via child?

Hello! I see this lessons:

And in this says what i can easy overwrite static mesh in parent class via child. How i can do it?

I think if your mesh in parent is not set to private, I don’t see why you can’t change it in child blueprint.
Even if it’s private, you can always use event/interface to let parent blueprint change the mesh itself.

How i can change static mesh to public? i cant found

I might have mislead you. There are indeed no public/private for component, sorry for that.
But you since there are build in function called GetComponentsByClass, you should be able to get any static in your blueprint no matter parent/children.

When i’am try to set a staticMesh in parent, they writing “StaticMesh is not compatible with StaticMeshComponent” and when i’am change Variable type to StaticMeshComponent i have a empty list of staticMesh in details tab

you can set mesh component with new mesh from children.
But you can’t set a mesh as a meshcomponent.
here is the correct way to wire things using standard SM ceiling light blueprint.

How you make SET with Target and new Mesh, i’am can make only with NewMesh

all inherited component you can still “get” them, if you forgot the name, turn on “show inherited variable” should show parent’s components as well. drag off a component and type set static mesh will give you this node.

I did it. When “Context Sensitive” checked i have “SET” only with StaticMeshComponent and when “Context Sensitive” is not checked i have “SET” with Target and NewMesh.