How OnBeginCursorOver really works with 3D widgets?

Imagine you have:

  1. Simple actor with a default 3D widget Component wich is simple button (with canvas or not).
  2. EnableMouseOverEvents of PC is On.
  3. Mouse cursor.

You need to fire a OnBeginCursorOver event of this widget.

And you can do it. But… only from the behind. Wait, WUT?! Even if you set 1-side WidgetComponent!)) You still can see correct hovered button and it’s events works fine from the front.

Who could explain whole 3Dwidget-cursor relationship?

Do you need to use the OnBeginCursorOver event on the component, the EventOnMouseEnter event in the widget blueprint works properly and could be used for the same purpose

Perfect! Can’t imagine why I didn’t find this solution before…

Convert to answer although this is not really one)