How old do you need to be in order to use UE 4 and publish the game?

Hi! I posted this question again because I didn’t get any answers. So I was looking for engines to create a game in my free time and I was wondering if there is a restriction when it comes to UE 4 and other engines. Also if I actually finish the game and want to publish it on Epic Store or Steam, will I be able to do that? Is there a restriction when it comes to age? Also I’m from Europe.
Thank you!

There’s little point in posting and deleting your questions - this way it may never be answered. You may need to wait for days for an official answer - and that’s providing you’re lucky. Just sayin’

You must be of legal age of majority in your country of residence in order to create an Epic Games account. The Epic Games Store catalog is currently curated by Epic and not open to the public for publishing. We unfortunately cannot advise on whether are any age restrictions for Steam, but we encourage you to check out their terms of service.