How often does and what causes OnPerceptionUpdated (AI Perception) to update?

What causes AI Perception to update and what triggers the event? Specifically what causes OnPerceptionUpdated (AI Perception) to run?

Additionally, is there any way to manually trigger the event? I would think that OnPerceptionUpdated would run like an Event Tick just not as often for performance purposes. However, this does not seem to be the case.

To be more specific I am talking about the sight sense. I can see how the hearing sense is triggered by the “Make Noise” event however the sight event only seems to occur when the actor who is supposed to be perceived moves.

AI Perception runs on Tick. The sight sense works when the actor who is a stimuli source for visive perception enter or leave the perception area around the AI, you can view it by enabling the debug. The area is pretty large when created.

You are right. For the hearing component, OnPerceptionUpdated is called when an Actor inside the Hearing Range executes the ReportNoiseEvent. See this question for more info about it.