How not to stop the music when game is paused?

In my game, when the player character dies, I handle the game over screen with the Set Game Paused node so as to stop all the things from happening and show them the endgame blueprint. I now know of all the limitations this puts on me and that it wasn’t the best design idea, which I wasn’t aware of back when developing most of the game, but since all is now scripted with this behaviour in mind, I’d rather not change it anymore. So the problem is, I’d like the background music to not stop playing when game over happens - which it now does because of the pausing behaviour. I’d just like to maybe lower the volume or pitch but not abruptly cut the music altogether as if something broke.

How would I go about doing that? I don’t see any options for this. How do I not stop the music on pause, then?

I’ve used level streaming to achieve this.

Mathew Wadstein’s YouTube was the best help though it does go into further detail around loading screens and loading in levels. It’s a few years old so for the UI menu and loading levels part I needed to do some tweaking but all I’ve done for the audio is loaded the music from the persistent map’s Level Blueprint.

I’m only a few days in to making my game, but I plan to run all of the music from that. I can then load and run audio for each map within those maps. I’m hoping as well that this approach will save some time on mobile loading times :slight_smile:

A link to Mathew’s tutorial: