How not to be able to enter the same key in the command parameters?

Hi all,

I am currently creating a complete Menu which will be intended for the marketplace.

I’m just missing one thing to configure, how can I not enter the same key for a keyboard and joystick command please?
I need help

Thank you

Well, you have to check if the key is already used, and not allow it to be used again… :wink:

Maybe I’m missing the point here…

Hi @ClockworkOcean

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, but I can’t.

You must have an array of keys used so far? When they press a key, you can check against it.

I’ll look up what I have… Yes, I just literally check against other keys

But it really depends what engine version / keymapping system you’re using.

Thanks you very much

you saved me

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