How? Nice car suspension!

Please, help me adjust the suspension/car as in this video:

Do you have any information of your current problem with your vehicle? Perhaps a video with the vehicle diagnostics overlay enabled?

What is"vehicle diagnostics overlay”?

I just can’t adjust the car from the vehicle template as in the video. The author of the video in the description wrote that he used only the usual vehicle parameters.

when playing the game and the vehicle is possessed, open the cmd by pressing the ` key and type showdebug vehicle, press enter.

Are you using your own vehicle mesh and set up or a template or marketplace vehicle?

Have you looked at the documentation about setting up a vehicle?

Well mate if you don’t want to have to deal with messy car suspensions and Vehicles BPs, i released a superfast Component which allows u to have and manage suspensions in a split second :smiley: Search for “Easy Vehicle Suspension” on the Marketplace :smiley: