How must i edit Unreal build tool?

i find out i must edit this file :\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Saved\UnrealBuildTool\BuildConfiguration.XLM

I add -2017 with text editor in it and I did generate visual studio file again and rebuild it and it doesn’t work still, UE4 continue run 2015 version.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
 <Configuration xmlns="">

I’ve never done this, but I assume you’re trying to force UE4 to use VS2017.

I think you may have mis-understood some instructions. To me, the ‘-2017’ looks like an argument you’d pass into a command line build statement. I could be wrong though.

I did a quick google to see if it was possible to set this in the BuildConfigration system and came up with this:

Which suggests you need to set the version with VCProjectFileGenerator. I’m not totally sure how this will look in BuildConfiguration (or even which of the various BuildConfiguration file you need to change), but I imagine it’s something like this:

<Configuration xmlns=".....">

If you find the correct setup in the correct BuildConfiguration file, please post it as a comment so others can learn from it too.

Hey, From what I understand you need to put something like the configuration in my first post within the BuildConfiguration.xml file. According to the page I linked, there are 3 BuildConfiguration.xml files so I’m not 100% which you should change as I’ve never worked with it before. If you open a couple of them you should get an idea for how you enter the data.

Hi Phil. first of all thanks for your fast replay.
the command line you wrote is for adding to VCProjectFileGenerator am I right?
should I add in a specific place in VCProjectFileGenerator file or just add it in the bottom? VCProjectFileGenerator is quite a big file.

i try it and sadly its dosnt work , i recive a error .
i remove VS 2015 now i cant even creat new project !
i will dig in more if i find a answer i will upload it .
thanks again phil ,