How much?

Hi all,
I donno if this argument was already discussed here.
I have to build and entire apartment made of 8 medium complex rooms: bedroom1, bedrooom2, bathroom 1, bathroom 2, kitchen, living room, tv room, fitness room.
Every room needs a menu from where to change materials for walls and floor. Each sliding door need open-close automation.
Entering in each room a pre-recorded speaker voice will explain some feature of each room.
I have to model with 3ds Max the entire model. Some forrniture will come from existing libraries.

Do you have an idea how much ask for this type of work?

The simulation has to run in stand alone mode, joystick and monitor-tv and Oculus Rift.
I donno if I have to pay royalties to Epic, I need to know how much money ask for this type of work.

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I would look at the Archviz stuff on the marketplace:

There might be others, but these types of things help with creating interactions for walkthroughs.

As far as how much to ask, try to consider the number of hours and an hourly rate–if you’ve done Archviz renders before then you would know how long it would take you to do the models, the main thing is how long it will take you to get a handle on making the interaction if you haven’t done that type of thing before.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but Epic currently only takes royalties for games. And even then it’s only 5% I think. Architectural content is exempt from that.

What you are asking for is a quote for a multi part project that can’t really be answered by a single number. What you need to do is you need to sit down and itemize every single thing you will be asked to do, and estimate the amount of time that each item will take you. Be generous with your estimate as well, because clients often come back with changes that you didn’t account for in the initial estimate. I generally multiply my initial time quote by 2… Be very clear on what you are responsible for and what others are responsible for, what assets the client will provide or that you will have to find yourself, and don’t be afraid to purchase as many assets as you can to help your project be profitable for both you and your client. If you are going to need to develop menus and blueprints inside of unreal, you are going to need to know some basic blueprint coding and UI design, or know someone who does.

Do you have arch viz experience outside of unreal? Any ideas of the level of quality you are pushing for and/or are capable of? I can’t just throw you out a number to ask for unfortunately, but best of luck!

Architectural content can still count for royalties, but that would be up to the company that hires you to pay, you don’t have to pay to use the engine as a contractor. If they sell the thing you make with UE4 then they would pay royalties for it.

It’s hard to price real-time app if you have never done it. I’ve only done stills with offline renderers so far. I would not render an image for under 1500$ CAD though. So, what you are asked to do, depending on the quality and I guess, the client, is more in the 5000-10000$ range. But all that in VR… It’s a big project you have there. By comparison, a 1 minute movie usually cost around 6000$ USD.

Please don’t do it for 500 bucks! hehe

And no, you don’t have to pay royalties to Epic, otherwise nobody would use unreal for archviz hehe!
According the the EULA and FAQ, arch viz is royalty free.**

    *2- Consulting fees or work-for-hire fees which are non-recoupable for services performed using the Licensed Technology (e.g., an architect-created walkthrough simulation or a contractor-developed in-house training simulator)*

This thread can help, you have 24 pages of answers about that question :
It’s not exactly for apps but it will give you an idea how people charge in the industry.