How much would it cost for a C++/Blueprint programmer to develop/Edit these mechanics

I am having a very difficult time finding a Programmer for my game and am wondering how much it would cost me to hire someone to do it. I cant be paying thousands of dollars, not even hundreds and hundreds, so im just trying to get a feel for how much everything would cost. Also do they/you charge per hour? difficulty level of project? amount of mechanics to program? some or all of the previously mentioned?

What would $200 get me?

I dont have a large amount of stuff to be programmed, maybe 12 or 13 different mechanics so far.

I personally charge by the hour (I’m not offering to work btw), and for a decent programmer, you’ll be looking at pretty much a minimum of $20/hr, so factor that into how much work you need done.

I tend to work fast. Depending on your scope I might be able to get you something to show for a kickstarter. PM me the details.

Not much, if you ask me.
Before thinking, catching some external and finish some BP for you, you have to set your GDD in stone.
What helps you a module you do not understand (anim bp prob)…

You’ll want to outsource, most likely.

Try finding english-fluent ex-USSR programmer that is at least older than 25, preferably the one that is really bored. They have lower living costs, and when people are fluent in written english, there’s decent chance that they have good technical skills.

People that are in it for the money can charge any amount, pretty much, but the best idea is to find someone who has skill and is looking for a fun side project. That’ll be cheaper and more efficient. Otherwise it is just “multiply programmer’s salary by number of hours”.