How much studying should I do regarding C++?

A lot of game developers like to code the hard foundation for a game in C++ then use blueprints for the easier stuff, like HUDs and the basics.

As long as you understand the basic language and can read it, it’ll help you profoundly when creating blueprints and understanding the core of how a majority of it works. I’d say get use to how UE4 works their programming into the engine, and you’ll be set for a majority of the things you’ll encounter.

I’m a CS graduate and I have created 2 games in Unity (a short FPS game and a mobile game). I’ve decided to transition to Unreal because of the amazing graphics it has, giving more potential than Unity but decided to stick with Unity because it’s really difficult to find a game company in my country that utilizes UE4 over Unity that hires Entry level developers.

  • I’m not really good but I’m fairly familiar with basic C programming (pointers, stacks, queues, etc)
  • I know both Java and C# (i love oop)

I’ve researched a little bit and a lot of people are saying that you can even create a game using only blueprints but from my experience with AI and other complex stuff in Unity, I have a feeling that actual coding is by far better than blueprints for complex behaviors

Couple of comments:

  1. As far as UE4 gigs, we live in an inter-connected world where location doesn’t quite matter… I would learn what you think is the most fun. Now, this is coming from someone who is 49 years old and does this as a hobby.
  2. There is a marketplace asset called Generic Shooter which is a full base game all in Blurprints. Its certainly possible to make an entire game in BP… there are tools to help determine performance issues. Also, you can now turn BP’s directly into C++.
  3. I would download UE4 and mess around with it… Watch / read tutorials, etc.

Also, you might want to post this onto general discussions in the forums…might get more peeps who comment.

Good luck!