How much space does your biggest level require?

Hello, I’m doing a quick research in level size I work with Optimization and I am very curious to find out just how big other peoples levels can get.

So how much does your most disk intensive .umap level take up?

depends on A; when i built it and B; what i was trying to build. my first major project started 2 years ago, in a single map, multiplayer, the size is 2.87GB. it’s a massive forest inside an arena, based off an 8km x 8km landscape that was then mirrored horizontally and vertically, had some major resculpting done in engine and then trimmed to form a rectangle.

i think the total size ended up being something like 18km x 10km, all one landscape, no world composition or streaming levels. it had something like 900k trees, it is very dense, so i had extremely aggressive LODs.

still working on it but as a low priority project. my lead artist moved on and so i’ve spent the last 3 years at uni doing a degree in game art, learned a bunch of better ways of doing stuff, for my end of year project last year my team and i at uni had almost everything streaming in, about 30 levels all up around 100mb each, all on one persistent level (it was a time travel puzzle game)