How Much Should I Expect to Pay to Have Someone Correctly Rig a Character For UE4? Recommendations

So, I’m currently working on a title independently, and while I can rig characters with relative decency, I’d much rather outsource it to someone else who has more experience than I do, at least until such a time that I improve my rigging to provide quality results.

So does anyone have recommendations on services and/or individuals that do this well. (Not looking for Auto-Rigging like Mixamo, Maya 2017, Andy-Rig, etc.)

Also, how much would I expect to pay per hour?

Any suggestions would help

Per hour probably at least $20

I actually have been working with Voodoo3d.]( I’m not going to put his actual name on the forums, but you can probably PM him to ask for estimates on rigging. He did some rigging and animation for a quadruped I made and he did a great job. I would highly recommend him. As far as what he will charge you, not sure if rigging a biped would be more or less than what I paid. It’s worth asking though. I can attest to the quality of his work though. Very professional.

@darthviper107 Yeah, that seems about right. So about the same as a freelance modeler, which makes sense.

Alright, thanks! Do you know if he rig my character to the default Epic Mannequin skeleton? That would just end up making my life significantly easier in the long run.

You will have to ask him, I am not sure. I had a quadruped so it was a little different for me.