How much should a starting arch vis artist charge?

So here’s my situation, I made a architectural visualization/virtual tour of my apartment for my senior college project using 3DS Max and UE4. A local real estate company is interested in it and is considering actually hiring me for creating them for potential renters to view/play. How much would you think is fair for a person starting out to charge? I will post a screen cap of what I have so far later. I am in no way advanced at UE4 and it was my first project but I have known 3DS Max for several years. If I were to build simple 1-2 person apartment units for a company and let the packaged files be downloadable through clients. How much should I be charging? Should I do hourly or charge per unit? Any input whatsoever is helpful I have absolutely no idea how much any of it could/should be worth. How many of you do similar things? how much do you charge? Is it a flat amount or hourly? Also can any of you (if possible) post a render or screen cap of your work and include how much you made by creating it? Thanks for the feedback!

$160 dollars an hour.

Do I still have your interest?

Having worked most of my life on commission there is no relationship between how long it takes to make something versus how much the free market will support as to fixed value and more so as to digital content as to who owns the rights once the project is completed.

In context.

Lets say you charge a flat fee commission of $3000 dollars but as part of the contract the client would own the digital content as work for hire they would be free to backdoor the assets as a product for sale in Epic’s marketplace.

The flip side is you could charge the $60-$150 that such an asset would sell for off the rack if you retain the original source rights.

Working on digital IP is not about how much something in front of you is worth but who owns the rights to the digital asset as all copies afterwards is considered as being originals :wink:

As for setting a fixed shop hourly rate don’t do it as the more skilled you become the faster it becomes to complete a project and more so as technology improves and the more your fair use catalogue grows the more you will land up cheating yourself out of what would be consider fair market value.

Wow thanks for the reply I don’t think I can get away with charging that much, but getting input at all is a win in my book. I never even considered that charging hourly can cheat my self that badly in the long run. As promised here are a few screencaps of my project.

almost done with my project. Just have to do some more slight tweaks to my lights, finish