How much progress can I get done with my new laptop?

Here’s a pic with the specs. I’m just curious as to what limitations I’ll have.


I’ve worked on a Thinkpad x220 paired with a desktop 650ti, and it worked reasonably well for light rendering, but not so well for anything heavier. From a quick google the 960M appears to be a slightly weaker/close card to that.

If you’re working with graphically simple scenes it’ll work alright, but ultimately it’s a pretty weak card overall and you’re going to run into poor performance if you push it with complex environments and the like.

Will work, but struggle with graphically heavy scenes.

Do you have any examples of what would work and what wouldn’t? I’m not attempting to work on an open world MMO or anything like that, but I’m trying to think of smaller ideas. Would a platformer with a cell-shaded Zelda Windwaker look be possible? Or even a Golden Axe looking kind of game, 2.5D hack n slash/adventure game? I’m just trying to understand what would and wouldn’t destroy my new computer.

You should be able to create and run a game like that without problems.

Just look at what you can already play on it, and runs decently, and that should give you a good idea of what you can aim for. There’s things that are present in the editor that also cost performance (icons for entities, and such), but in general if you can play a game that looks like that, chances are you could also build something that looks like that and not have it be too much of a performance nightmare.

Okay, I’ll give the tutorials a try. Thanks for the help.