how much money does it cost to hire someone for motion capture

if any one has any advice they’re willing to share please tell me what you think is the best decision
how much money does it cost to hire a motion capture team to make animations for a personal project for UE4?

could someone please list the important things needed and the cost for each thing,
such as the equipment technology and software used. also how many people and what task do they each have to do.

would it be cheaper to hire a team of people, or am i better of just buying the equipment and doing it all myself?

Depending on what animations you need, it’s probably cheaper to just get a Kinect and the software for it to use for motion capture.

Thankyou for the advice Darthviper107. I’m hoping to get Motions like inline skating, bike riding, snowboarding gymnastics and martial arts outdoors.

atm im looking at HI5 VR glove for hand movement, Perception neuron pro for motion or maybe a IKINEMA orion suit

and the software im thinking of is Autodesk Motion builder or Maya if it has the capabillity
also a laptop nearby if it helps with a signal reaching to the suit and gloves.

Kinect im unaware of… hmm i should research this one.

Kinect won’t work for that then, it’s really only good for a person standing and moving around in a smaller box volume, you could get some basic walking and moving stuff, but for what you’re wanting it probably won’t be able to capture enough space and it could have more errors since it doesn’t have as much coverage.