How much laptop is enough to develop scenes in Unreal?

I currently have a G70 dominator with 870m card.
It is time to upgrade.
I can do some things in Unreal fine, but the minute I get too detailed, it starts to fail.
I’m not sure if it’s the ram or if it’s just not up to the challenge of handling graphics.
Anyway, I had a couple of questions about the hardware.

How much ram is needed if you don’t want ram to ever be a problem?
Is it better to spend more money on the graphics card or the processor?
Does a NVMe card make enough of a difference that it should be a priority?
Is there any benefit to going 4k and spending money on that?
Am I better off with a Quadro or geforce?

What is the minimum graphics card required for a laptop to be able to landscape etc in Unreal?

I am looking at gaming laptops and mobile workstations.
Which one is going to improve my experience more dollar for dollar?
Thinking price range between $1500-3000.

Currently leaning towards a Lenovo P73, but wondering if I’m better off with a high end gaming laptop.

Hi Dark,

So you think a min of 9750h processor (was thinking of trying to go 9700h)
2070 Q max geforce (was wondering if I could get away with a 2060 or t2000 J)
16 gigs of ram 32 ideal
Definite on the NVME?

Any thoughts on qudaro vs geforce?
On benchmark 2070 looks a little stronger than rtx 3000, but I’m wondering if quadro does a better job for level making than the 2070. Thoughts?

Also, do you think gaming laptops do a better job than workstations?
Like are workstations too overpriced?

Quadro GPU’s don’t benefit you much when doing game development, their strengths aren’t something that games require, you’ll get more value out of a gaming card.
In general a laptop is going to cost more than a desktop, there’s a cost to getting all of the parts within something smaller.

Thanks for responding. Sounds like a more game oriented setup may make more sense. I’m also looking at the external graphics cards with thunderbolt as an option, any thoughts on external graphics cards and how well they work on laptops?