How much knowledge of C++ do I need to use it?

So I want to mainly use code in my projects as I’m sure at some point I’ll find something blueprints can’t do for me. My knowledge of C++ now is mostly the structure of code, functions, objects, vectors etc. All of it from a textbook that I’m reading in my spare time. Still, none of it really makes sense and I’m about half way through it. Is programming in a 3d game engine above beginner level programming or can I make do?

All you need is to understand pointers, really!

and for that I’ve posted a wiki tutorial to get you going:

#Entry-Level Guide to UE4 C++

I talk about a few other basic important things

and that’s all you need to know to get going and learn the rest through practice!

Remember, the compiler is your friend, helping you out :slight_smile:



Just a little bit more looking around and now I can make some sense of whats there, thanks for the tutorial.