How Much Is To high Poly Count for a Character Model

does 60k of triangles and 4k textures on one single character is over the top? or is it standard? or depends on targeted hardware? all good thoughts and opinions appreciated

thx in advance

For a main character/boss or important figure, on a console/pc ,60k is standart.(even close to cheap).Now having multiple 4k textures is not good.Most of the people will even play on 1080p or 2k so high quality 2k textures shoud be standart and enough.

May i ask one more thing u said multiple 4k texture do you mean for one character with multiple texture set is bad? or do you mean overall if all important assets uses all 4k texture set is bad?

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Thank you for all feedback

halfway 2017 is not something I would call dated, especially considering OP not being part of a AAA team access to the highest end form of optimization.
LOD is also one of the least things you can do on high end optimization to reduce ms.

I don’t foresee you having any problems with 60k tris on a character in UE4. Though overall tri count also depends on how many instances of the character you’re looking at. Is it an npc that will be reused in crowds and such, or a main character? If the latter then that’s more than fine. For the former, I haven’t personally worked with large crowds in games but you may want to take more steps towards optimization. Not strictly in tri count but also in material complexity, texture resolution and LODs. There are ways to optimize for anything really, and remember it’s always easier to downgrade quality in engine than it is to upgrade quality if you feel you need/want to. UE4 is generally pretty good at handling polys, but even so the type of game you’re working on should determine how you spend your resource capital.

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