How much is learning curve for Unreal engine?

I have been acted Unity dev for years… And used C# with it.

About C++, I just know grammars barely.

So why I think about Unreal is… there is some cool marketplace assets.

And… mobile phone performance… I have been developed some card+board game (3d modeling background, hexa 3d maps, 3d character…) with Unity(project files 20~30 giga, build file 2~3 giga),

but at PC, its ok, but at phone… its almost not run… very slow.

So I started to think about Unreal… but I don’t know it at all. In this case, Unreal can be helpful? to solve above problem?

How much and how long the learning curve will be for learn Unreal and C++ and finally ready to start develop game?

I’ve been working with Unreal everyday for more than 5 years yet I don’t know even half of everything there is to know and they keep adding more and more to it.

In a nutshell, Unreal learning curve is a skyscraper. But it really depends what you want to do. Try to make small goals, like designing a landscape with trees. Or make a really simple game, with simple mechanics. Keep it basic.

C++ has a huge learning curve in and of itself (more difficult to learn than C#). Learning Unreal on top of that is humongous undertaking. You may want to consider learning and using blueprints instead, unless you think you’re up to it.

almost large games can do with just blueprint. I wish Epic add support for C# as second official language, they will take more DEVs from other field ( unity3D, web, app…).

Language is just a tool, like UE4 or Unity. Even in C++ you can write slow code :wink:

C++ is not as difficult as it is often described if you learn “real” C++ and not “C with classes” as it usually happens.
But C++ in UE4 is a completely different story…