How much does it cost to implement these game styles in Unreal Engine?

game name: romero’s aftermath
game video:
steam video:…ros_Aftermath/

It is a casual survival game with zombies.
Yes. It is a game created by Sergei Titov who created warz.

How much does it cost to use Unreal Engine’s assets, entrust them to develop, and do so?
I have about $ 50,000.

If make from unreal’s assets, it will take at least 4 people (at least 2 guy should be unreal engine specialist) and 1 year.
Then $100,000 (1 year salary & office cost, etc per 1 guy) * 4 (man) = $400,000

400k - WTF??? :p​

400k could get you 8-person team working remote for 1 year + MP assets.
Where??? Parts of US / EU. (But less so in more costlier cities obviously).
400k is what you could have raised for this game via Kickstarter Pre-2014.:D​
Now, you’d be lucky if you got 50k (and more likely not even funded at all).:mad:

Assuming $50,000 = 50K USD…

You could safely outsource the work to Latam / Asia / Eastern-Europe. :cool:
Then it could be the equivalent of multiplying that number by 3 or 4 etc.
Or go into gaming colleges and offer that and it might get you 8 people. ;)​

GB is remote team of 4 f/t iirc… Do the numbers above seem credible?

Do you really think you can get Unreal engine specific programmer with 50k$?

He maybe already been hired by big studios and he already got paid over 80k easily. Maybe more? Isn’t it?

Latin/Asia/Eastern EU? Where?

Game Programmers, Unreal engine programmers are most expensive job in industry. Just below or similar than famous PD, Game designers.

Remote work? Why they do 50k$ work rather than they can get over 80k work?

And even you spent 8 guys and 1 year with 400k$, you can get nothing if without established production plan and static game design document.

And don’t forget the marketing.


I don’t like those numbers either tbh. But that’s not the point. The point is, are they realistic??? The current crisis is only going to put more downward pressure on 80k programmer salaries. Studio execs are going to see it as a test case to see how much more outsourcing they can get away with. Do they expect to get a ‘rama’ for 50k? Hardly! But they don’t care either, so long as the 50k replacement is ‘good enough’. There are lots of hungry developers with passable English in countries where 10k USD is the median salary. So there’s plenty of cost savings to be had. And lets face it capitalism is good at finding savings…

Consider this… There was already pressure on tech salaries long before the latest crisis. Its been a race to the bottom for tech salaries for a decade or more… Programmers are plumbers / expendable… You only have to look at larger firms like IBM / HP, who have been cynically ousting experienced workers for recent grads for years. We know of this because of the latest lawsuits. Maersk staff who saved the firm from notpetya woke up recently to find their jobs being advertised in India. These aren’t isolated incidents, its the new normal. Its systematic arbitrage, or replacing expensive staff with cheaper hires from less expensive countries (all so the CEO can get their golden yacht :rolleyes:).

Is it going to keep happening? So long as politicians are slaves to corporate lobbyists and ‘shareholder primacy’ rules, whose going to fix it? Some economists think things ‘might change’ after the latest crisis. But there’s no evidence of that. Its more likely we’ll see even more cynical displays like the Blizzard layoffs from a couple of years ago. Just the cost of doing business. :mad:

Everyone needs to eat and that requires $.
$50k could be considered enough for one - or even a lot in some countries.
But between N people over X months while needing to buy Y assets… not so much.

Some of the creatures you see on Horizon Zero Down were made by outsourcing studio in Brazil, many in Philippines.
That’s just an example…

Some startup tech companies are moving from China to Africa, in search for cheaper labour.


Ok, giving much yield to your argument, so he hired one man of Unreal specialist C++ programmer by 50k$.

Then what? Original example game he linked can be made within 1 man and 1 year?

No…even he buy much of modeling assets, animations, effects, graphics, UI, 2d sprites, sounds, etc…

He solo should adjust all of them and revise those to fit the game.

No he never can match the timeline.

Even this is except the network, multiplaying function part.

If this included, of course difficulty curve become X3, at least X2


If OP has 50k USD they could spend it in Eastern Europe / SE Asia / Latam and turn it into 2x / 3x / 4x. Then OP has more options and the 50K will go further… Or even try Africa as Bruno hinted. Then the money might go even further. [USER=“1249”]I Create Art![/USER] Any thoughts?

As regards assets, there are lots for free because of all the Marketplace + YouTube + CommunityTools freebies. If the OP can customize assets instead of hiring someone, then money saved there. Overall as this is a multiplayer game, better to spend most of it on coders.…ent-to-africa/


Outsourcing is everywhere / anywhere there are talented coders.
Programmers of every color… Try to open your mind a little dude. :wink:

I wouldn’t be too hasty jumping on the outsourcing wagon, unless you are making Mario or generic FPS, then I would find outsourcing programming, key artwork and animations, a logistical and management and directorial problem.

You need those key people together in one room, you could outsource some secondary and background assets and even then have issues of back and forth and time delays.

If you are saving 10 or 20K like this, you are losing 30K production time wise and coordination and I bet quality of work in many cases.

Besides 400K is enough for one year of: rent, hardware purchases, software rentals, 4 people salaries + one two limited freelancers in western Europe. If you are lucky to live in eastern Europe maybe hungary and poland you could maybe, maybe, do it for 20% - 25% less something that wouldn’t really make a whole world of difference on that sort of budget margin and may come with its own setbacks.

I wish more managers understood this.

They usually see one lump saving, and don’t understand that lower quality (due to harder communication, not necessary low skills of outsourced team) create multpile time wasters for everybody around. And if you sum up that time wasted by everybody it usually turns out you paid more in salaries for wasted time than you saved up.

And then add frustration to this, somebody not having enough time for doing his\her job properly etc.

The OP’s budget is only 50k though… :wink:

That’s the old way of thinking. Lots of shops make it work: @Ironbelly etc.

^^ This ^^ is classic corporate outsourcing. But more often than not, the decision to outsource is taken at the highest levels of management. Often by people who are bonused so heavily they won’t even be around when the sht hits (C-suite on down etc). But that’s not what the thread is about. The OP has only 50k which isn’t a lot (its on the low side of household income for one year in US etc). So if outsourcing is the difference between getting the game made or not, then why not try it. The biggest risk is scammers / time-wasters. But if you can find even just one good person, they often know others… :wink: