How Much Does Extra Shape in 3DS Max Affect Processing?

Hi all, I’ve been working in 3DS Max to create some objects, but some of my shapes within an object overlap. For example, when I create two beams that intersect perpendicularly, I overlap them instead of ending one of them early.

I want to know if anyone here has any idea how much extra strain this is on the computer.

Similarly, can anyone tell me how much extra strain is it on the computer when I complicate one of my collision meshes from say, a cube to a framed cube?

Having the meshes intersect will not strain the computer at all–but, it will cause z-fighting, which is where you have a polygon that’s in the same space as another polygon and the renderer can’t figure out which one to render so you get artifacts where parts of each show in different areas. It can also happen to surfaces that aren’t in the same space but are very close–when you move the camera further away the renderer puts the two surfaces in the same depth which can produce the same effect.
It’s best to have the two beams modeled together instead of overlapping, though technically that will produce more polygons which means a slightly higher workload, but insignificant enough to where you couldn’t measure the impact on a single mesh like that.

The more complicated the collision, the more processing it takes, though you’d have to test to see what the difference would be, probably not a huge amount.