How much does blueprint scripts that are not currently "running" impact performance?

I’ve always wondered about this since I am not very familiar with the way anything of this coding actually runs on a PC.

Imagine a scenario where I got 20k lines of character blueprint “code”. But very little of that blueprint is getting ticked or used there and then. Does it needs to be “run” either way or does it just stay loaded until you need to run the certain tasks like events and such?

Unused code just using memory, it is readed from memory when executing and depending what it has its doing it (its virtual machine where CPU do program which do someting based of data incompatible by CPU). Because running one line in vitual machine takes more then one CPU instruction (C++ is compiled to CPU instructions), same operation in C++ takes more time then Blueprint, but only when its executing ofcorse. Thats only down side aside of limited access to UE4 APIs

thank you sir

this my help you