How much do stuff cost in the asset store?

I can’t even view the asset store was curious to know how much environment models and stuff cost

Is there a specific reason you can’t load up the marketplace and see for yourself?

^ I don’t have UE4

There is no need to have one. Just download the launcher form EPIC.
Here sample:

oow thanks didn’t realize I could download a launcher and see it.

this looks pretty cool

Too bad I Cannot find the marketplace launcher

I searched heaven to hell and cannot find a link to download anything of the sort. Good god this is a headache do such simple things.

I only received a download once I had subscribed, and now that I’ve let it run out I’ve not seen another download link.

@Veovis Maud’dib - Go to -> since you already have an account (doesn’t matter if your sub is active), click Sign in on the top bar, once signed in you will see the downloads on the right side of the page.

Otherwise @WalkingDead you will need to sign up for an account (click the Get Unreal button), I think the account can be created without actually purchasing if you wanted to look at the launcher, it won’t do much, but you can look. :slight_smile:

Yeap. The way it’s working is like:

  1. Make an EPIC account
  2. Download Unreal Launcher (
  3. Purchase subscription OR other neat stuff from Marketplace
    I guess it’s made for those who suspends subscription etc. (not everyone needs daily patches)