How much code can I use from Unreal Tournament?

How much of the code and assets are we allowed to use from Unreal Tournament 4? There’s a lot to learn from that project and I was thinking of using some of it as a base for parts of my project instead of doing some things from scratch.

The previous answer to this question appears to say you CAN freely use UT4 code, but my understanding is now you CANNOT.

See this link for more info:

Thanks for flagging this; the EULA changed in that regard. Now you cannot use UT source for your own game.

Has this changed since Unreal Tournament was just “cancelled”? I’m not 100% it is cancelled but that’s been the rumor all month.

Unfortunately, no, this rule has not changed.

From Unreal Tournament you can easily use UT4 code to assemble the best directory. In the continuity of time there will come more and new codes like this but at this time you can freely use this code. So I hope this will help you, Thanks.