How much can UE4 handle + True Sky Question

I’ve recently started trying to reproduce a lot of what was seen with the Luminous Engine from Square Enix. I’m currently working on Pathfinding that does not require Navmesh along with a few other things.

One thing has really interested me. Can UE4 handle rendering characters that are in the 100k poly range? I mean main characters and important characters with highly detailed Textures in the 8k range. That seems to be the case with the Luminous Engine using DX12 and I know that DX12 is suppose to be highly experimental in the 4.9 preview. I’m just looking for some information on how much the engine can handle in its current state and if that will ever be an option for the engine!

Also I was wondering if TrueSky supported 4.8 and could someone point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to intergrate multiple plugins. I want to use the Ocean Community Plugin along with TrueSky but using plugins is very new to me.

Should be able to, don’t see why not. It’s not ideal, but as long as it imports there’s nothing really stopping you.

The open world demo had some 8k textures in there, so yeah, you can. This was with DX11 of course, not even DX12 as you’re talking about.

Using it in my current project, so yes, you can.

I just do it the hard way with WinMerge (a great way to break something if you mess up). Github’s merging feature is automated and easier, but sometimes doesn’t like every plugin.

No problem at all. I’ve made characters with about 300k polys and they are no problem to use.

8k textures are definitely possible.