How Mirror a rotation ? (Solved)

Hi, i have just won some fights against Quaternions and GimbalLock, and now i am basically lost in how mirror a rotation.

Lets say i have an airplane and he can move around and rotate freely.
So he have a X-pitch a Y-roll and a Z-yaw. how can i set another plane witha symmetrical rotation?
The Axis of symmetry may vary and could be not ortho.

Something to do with ProjectVectorOntoPlane, although I’m not sure exactly what…

I found enough nodes to make a solution,

I can make a rotator out of vector , Forward , Right and UP. (Make rotation from Axes)
To get the mirrored vector of something , use the node Vector Mirror by plane.
There are 2 nodes to create a plane for the mirror, i greatly prefer this** Make plane from point and normal.**

once i filled all the vectors in the make rotations from axes,
and made some tests,
i found that i have to flip again some vectors.
"“the right vector in my case, so i just multiply it for -1"”
i am really not sure of the full behaviour of all this. but seem work.

Nice one…