How might one get deferred decals to display on vertical surfaces?

I’ve looked around the internet, the forums, and just about anywhere I can think of to find answers, and I can’t seem to get anywhere with my question. It is simply this; how can I make a deferred decal that applies to vertical surfaces?

I have here images of my decal:

(The forum wouldn’t let me upload images or link from a URL, because reasons)
As you can see in my images, the cube is inside the bounds of the decal object, but nothing is being applied to the sides of the cube. It doesn’t show it, but the directional arrow for the decal is pointing towards the white wall in the second image if that makes a difference.

I Used the tutorial in this video:

to make the decal. The only difference is that I used my own image and have no need for transparency.

I hope somebody can find a solution here, because nobody else, anywhere seems to even mention a problem like this.

You can turn the decal object as any other object to change the projection direction! :slight_smile: