How may I forbid launcher from downloading UE4?

After I grab the source and successfully built the editor, it bothered me that the launcher still download the whole prebuilt package of UE4.

I’m a Mac user. Now I got two version of UE4: one in my home directory, and one in /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine4/Engine.

  1. With my in-house compiled version of UE4, what files in /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine4/ does it access?
  2. How can I remove the downloaded one cleanly?
  3. How can I forbid the launcher from downloading UE4 for me after cleaning up?

On OSX the launcher installs UE4 to here:-


You can delete that folder fine. Also you can delete if you like the folder next to that:-


There is no real easy way to tell launcher it is not allowed to download the engine. You could just hit cancel (small X) next to the progress bar each time (which is irritating I know), but that will slowly accrue patch data each time if you are not speedy.

One way you could fool it if you like is to let it install successfully, and then just delete the /4.0/ folder as above… Launcher won’t try to download again if it thinks it has installed it successfully. There will still be a “Launch” button that won’t work :slight_smile:

Hope that helps…

@Swifty The trick that let the launcher finished then deleted the downloaded engine worked. Thanks : )

Good stuff :). Just be sure you don’t hit the verify, or update(when there is one) links under the launch button :wink: