How many ways are there to display a timer on screen ( Hours: minutes: Seconds:) ?

Hello everybody!..

I like to get some feedback on how meny ways can you display on sceen a timer with Hours, Minutes and Seconds!?

Feel free to give your opinion from easy to Pro like!!!

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How many commonly used formats you mean? Well there is AM/PM or the way more practical 24h format. :slight_smile: Is there something you want to know in particular?

The 24H format!!!

I guess the 24H format is the more intressting…

…But need not stop at 24h it can go on to 48H or 8760Hours!!! like infinit hour count!!! (Y)

Hello Slowman! I recently did this in a project of mine!

here I make a 60 second timer. update the seconds constantly. once the timer finishes it increments the ‘minutes’ variable. if the minutes variable ever reaches 60 then the ‘Hours’ variable is incremented! Simple as that!

Here is where I display my timer in a widget. I didn’t end up using my Hours variable. but you get the picture. you could easily do it with hours to (or DAYS/YEARS/MILLENNIUM).

You don’t see it in this blueprint, but I squished my minutes and seconds into a string to be printed.

and here is what it looked like displayed!
Displayed Time.jpg

hope this helped!

Very Nice beanswaggle !!!

THanks beanswaggle!..

Looks Very Pro and Simple! I will checkit out in practice, when I get the time! :slight_smile:

Hi Mate

This might help as well


I was actually wondering a better way for this too :smiley:

Just take a look into Timespan | Unreal Engine Documentation that’s really all you need.


Thanks Narghile!
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Thanks AlexW88!

That was all very helpfull! if anyone else has some more info. please feel free to sugest! :slight_smile:

Wow that’s uhh… that’s one way to do it…

I found this one on the answers page. Gonna see which one I can get working. Anyone know which is the most efficient?


Nice one too!!!

Thanks Steve_T!!! :slight_smile:

Any other tips? on hours, minutes and seconds?

Hello Folks!!! Is there any more “CREATIVE” ways of doing a timer with blueprint?

Hmm, the examples are nice but hud timers belong in game state not on the hud. If you place it in the HUD then it will be local and is bad practice for multiplayer. I have been wondering how it will be to make a HUD timer that works properly in my UT4 mod ACTF.

Its more more complicated when the timer has to be server side and then tells all the clients to update every second. Not sure the best practices for something like that.

Timer duration.


has simple error, about “begin time”

Watch my BP. Is it “creative” enough? What a mess :smiley:

Converts seconds remaining into minutes + seconds remaining. (MM:SS)

boom my head exploded…