How many verts for a tree?

So, I have a Palm Tree that has between 20k and 28.3k verts depending on how much detail is on the trunk, and I was wondering if that is too many verts for a tree that will be placed around 10-30 times in a scene. Can computers handle that many verts? The textures are realatively low qualty because the amount of detail comes from the verts.

20k might be fine for when the camera is close to the tree, but you would want to make LODs for the best performance.

How many units away should I make the first LOD, I’m thinking of putting the amount down to 10k on the first one.

as a side note, triangles are one of the cheapest things to render per object. computers now days can handle millions on polygons with ease

Typically you roughly half the tri count every LOD.

Triangles are pretty cheap, but still having lots of triangles that are smaller than a 2x2 pixel square is bad for performance.