how many users can be connected at the same time for a multiplayer map?

hello, I’m working on a project that will use a main map, with a building and we want to let the player(s) to navigate the building.

the building has 25 floors, with at least 20 rooms for each floor. the modelers are working to making all these 3d things and i will put all the peaces together, i will use streaming levels to load the rooms and floors to avoid to make a big, big level.

we are thinking in running our main level as a dedicated server, but we are wondering how many players can stay roaming in the building at the same time ? there is a top/max for player to join a multiplayer level?

what will be the requirements for the pc to run this level as a dedicated server ?

thanks in advance for all the help.

There isn’t any hard-coded limit in the engine. However, as you might expect the processing power required to run the game increases as the number of players increases. Epic has Fortnite running 100 players on the same server, so it’s safe to say up to 100 should be possible for fast paced games like shooters. If your game has less going on than Fortnite then maybe you could have even more players on the same server.

At the end of the day it’s impossible to tell you how many players you will be able to host because it entirely depends on the hardware you decide to use and how optimized your game is.

thank you for the information @TacoShank