How many triangles for assets and models in environment?

What according to you should be the number of triangles in models and assets for the environment? Is the present day times, you have to pay attention to the number (of course within the limits reason). If so, what limits should oscillate? I would add that I mean the third-person game.

There is no point Number of Tris per Object, since it depends on how fast your Scenes need to be, or what is your minimum targeted hardware, or if its FPS, TPS or RTS-Cam… aso…

The Level of Polygonal Detail on your Objects is depending on your Needs.

I focusing in RPG. In a single asset I try not to exceed 1000 triangles. Of course, I am referring to a column or a more demanding asset. I do not want to create too high poly, but whether it makes sense to create it as simple as possible?

Let’s face Witcher 3, where Geralt has more than 15K Polygons…

Now see Oceanhorn - the Mainchar comes below 2K Polys…

Still depending on your targeted Hardware and Detail Amount :wink:

Polycount doesn’t have a huge impact on performance, you can get away with using 40-80k on a main character. Small and skinny triangles have a bigger impact on performance because the GPU has to render 2x2 pixel squares that touch that edge once for each triangle, so keep on eye on that. There’s a quad overdraw view that shows how many tris each 2x2 pixel square is rendering.

Don’t be afraid to make something 10k if it needs it.

Thanks for fast response. So i need to avoid small triangles because they are rendering longer. Chamfer in 3ds max is bad idea for now :smiley:

Bevels and chamfers are fine, and some long/skinny/small tris are unavoidable. Just avoid making meshes that have a lot of those things over the entire model, but if you do, use LODs.

Thank you ZacD, you are very helpful.

Keep in mind that 4.14 now has run time auto LOD feature for static mesh. (assuming skeletal is on the road map) so the best practice for UE4 is is to build for fidelity

Amazing, I didin’t t know about it. Is it possible to find somewhere something more about this?