How many triangles can Unreal handle?

FBX file in 3d max 2017

  • File size : 160mb
  • tris : 11,878,626
  • verts : 8,436,206


  • os : win 7 64bit
  • memory : 32gb
  • graphic card : radeon hd 7800, 900mhz, 1024mb
  • disk : samsung ssd 840 evo 500g scsi disk, st500dm0 02-1bd142 scsi disk device * 2

This system cannot import the above fbx file.

How many triangles can Unreal handle? (minimum 30 fps)

Is there GPU performance list that means the triangles processing capability?

Or Is there method that i calculation the expected performance that means the triangles processing capability ?

just as a suggestion, (not knowing what you are importing), split the file up - 11 mil tris in one file sounds way to many, even if you could import it imagine that you would need to ad that file to memory to render it - your 1 gb gpu memory could be insufficient, (notice could - not sure that this would cause you not to be able to import it).

as a short answer to your question, performance isn’t only guided by the amount of polys/verts on a mesh, take a gander @ “Testing and Optimizing Your Content | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation” for some good tidbits - there are allot more around the web in non unreal format.

If you want more tips to get this working I would need to know what type of mesh it is.

//hope that helped, glhf

Thank you for your reply.

I should handle this fbx file.

This 3d model is very large plant model.

There are 50 file like above that…

  • 2 x Xeon E5-2650
  • 64 Gb RAM
  • 2 x GTX Titan + GT 640
  • OCZ Vertex 460 3 x WDC Green 3 Tb RAID 0
  • Asus z9-pe-d8 ws
  • 3 x Benq XL2411T + Samsung SyncMaster 245b

It is youtube address.
above system handles 1 000 000 000 polygons.

If system configuration like above that then in unreal, how many triangle can handle?

If you mean “handle” as in no lag and rendering with more than just mesh, (as in with shaders/textures, shadows etc - not to mention functionality), even the machine mentioned in the video you mentioned cant handle 1bil tris - the video is staggering and is clearly is overpowering the machine just rendering the base meshes. And since we are talking about rendering in a game engine I would say you cant render even your file on most about any machines today with room to spare to make a game from it.
As to the maximum amount before it crashes - just try it yourself, I do not know of a max count coded into the engine, and Id wager there is none - just depends on the hardware.