How many sounds can i actually load into a level?

I am creating a game and within the level there are many ambient sounds, Some however are no longer playing.
Is there a limit to how many ambient sounds I can have in a level? I was hoping for 112 different sounds that dont go out of sync.

Also does virtualize when silent only work on the audio file being attached to an actor or does it work with the audio cues too?

I would seriously appreciate if anyone can tell me. been trying to work this out for days.

“112 different sounds that dont go out of sync”

That is ambitious.

You will need to go into Project Settings > Engine > Audio > Max Channels and edit the value to your desired maximum. By default it’s set at 32.

Virtualize When Silent decodes the audio and processes it at 0 volume, so you don’t lose sync. However, it costs as much as a playing sound from a resources standpoint.

Best of luck.

HI mate. Thanks so much for your reply. If 112 sounds is ambitious then thats fine I can alter my project. but thanks you for the clarification. it was very hard to find an answer on this.

Did synced and looped playback of 72 wavs(each 32 secs long), and it worked fine(see video). Haven’t tried more. I guess the actual limit depends on what other stuff you are doing…