How many simple AI can I have realistically?

From what I have heard UE4 doesn’t cater to games with a really high AI count, and that it’s not the best engine to make say an RTS game like starcraft, is this true???

Would it be impossible to have say, 1000 AI on a single map?

It really depends on your needs for AI, the solution you choose and the optimizations you are able to perform.

If you’re talking about 1000 AI actors with Character Component, unique Anim Blueprint, huge Behavior Trees and EQS called every second frame, you’ll probably kill the CPU.

On the other hand, a 1000 well optimized and specialized-for-the-case AI does not sound impossible with heavy C++ side support, animation budgeting and etc.

Thanks thats good to know. I didnt intend on having a massive behavior tree or a huge anim blueprint. It might possibly have a character component and a handfull of anims, and a lean behavior tree. Even 500-600 units would be ok too so thanks for the response.

Well, I’m not really sure if 600 units with Character Components and Blueprint-based Behavior Trees will work. You should definitely test it out (just spawn them close to each other) before you invest much time relying on these functionalities, it sounds still too heavy to me (although it also depends on what is your target hardware).