How many seats are allowed?

How many computers am I allowed to install UE4 on? I am just a hobbyist that works from home and wants to dink around with my boys creating something fun.

My real issue isn’t installing on multiple machines, rather, I have NO internet at home.
I would need to purchase UE4 in town at local library, download whatever I need to my laptop then transfer it later at my home onto my server. Can this be done? I have NO way of connecting my server to internet to download UE4. It isn’t a small PC, it is a real, multi-cpu server station.


FYI, there is no internet options available where I live, dial up doesn’t even work 90% of time! Yes; I live in USA, but out in country and if DirectTV can get internet where I am at (I mean IF, customer service agent doesn’t think they can service my location), it would cost $80.00 a month for 10gb of bandwidth. That’s 10gb of usage, not 10gb connection!

Hi CryBaby,

You may install UE4 on as many machines as you would like, as long as each person that uses it has their own subscription.

Unfortunately, binary version of engine is installed using Launcher, which downloads and installs using internet. Your best bet would be to compile from source. Since 4.6, downloading and installing dependencies also requires an internet connection, but if you’re okay with using 4.5 you can download for source and zips for dependencies, and then transfer that to your home PC to install there.

Once you have an account, you’ll be able to access GitHub and you’ll have access to this link:

which has all links you’ll need to get started. Since you’re compiling from source, you’ll of course need to have Visual Studio 13. There’s a free version of that, if you don’t already have it.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

API is available through editor (Help > API Reference). It will be as complete as possible for a constantly updated program, but it’s mostly a code-based document; you may find it’s not quite as helpful as online documentation search tool and AnswerHub/forums community, especially if you’re looking to learn to use Blueprints. There are also some built-in tutorials to get you started with editor that should pop up first time you build and run.

What about documentation? Is manual available for download and use off of internet?