How many resources can UE4 handle at once?

I use a custom build pc with an i7 8 core with 12 gigs of ram and n GTX 770.
I was wondering based on that build I feel like I could tackle most obstacles…I’ve never gone below 60 fps with any marketplace projects.

My question is tho how much is too much? On a resources standpoint? How many models can unreal hold in a map? Or is it based on how many megabytes the models are? And what in the system takes up the most resources?? Lighting? high res models?

Any info would be great. Thanks a million.

If you feel as though there are becoming too many resources in one area of the map, you can always look into level-streaming the data.

As for the actual performance of the game and what costs the most, you can use Ctrl-Shift-Comma to open the GPU visualizer for a given frame and see what is taking the most time. Lighting is the main one to watch, as the more complex your scene becomes, the more the lighting can become exponentially more expensive.

Thank you greatly. Could you possibly help me understand “level streaming your data”? I’m not sure what that means exactly.
Thank you.