How many Pawns with AI controllers is too many in one level at one time?

I’ve noticed you can make a terrain 8km x 8km… how much can i populate a map that size with NPC’s?

It depends on the complexity of the AI, the kind of movement component they use and the amount of physics components they have an the level of detail the models have.

There is no straight forward answer for this question, but in general terms (using a simple move to randome point AI and the Unreal Engine mannequin) you can have a couple of hundreds without issues.

All in all the biggest obstacle to have lots and lots of characters in one world is the movement component, which is pretty expensive in the case of the Character Movement Component. You might want to simulate the movment of characters outside of the player view instead of making the characters actually move. But then again, it all depends on you, there is no precise answer to this.

Hope this information helps you out. Make it a great day!

Thank you… You’ve given me a great start!