How many of your asset get rejected in marketplace ?

And how you guys fix the problem.

so far my brother got 2 of his project got rejected. One of reason is map problem.

what does that mean ?

he got pissed and sell his model to me lmao.

They’ll tell you what issues there are with the asset

for problem he got is this :

“There are no Maps in the project, displaying all of the assets. Should
be a Maps folder created and the Map should be placed within the Maps

what “map” means ?

is it “level” ?

Yeah, they’re asking about the level file, it’s a .umap file

so that what it means.

Create a map or level with all the assets laid out.

My first submission was the only one rejected because there was items based off of modified public domain assets and back then I didn’t know that GPL/Public derivatives aren’t allowed.

what that mean ?

english are not my natives.

That means you can’t take a “library” or a 3D model that is public, for example, add your own stuff on top then sell there even if you’d publish for free.
I didn’t know Unreal Engine isn’t compatible with public domain licenses, things you can freely download online and use, it’s against their EULA.

so does that mean we cannot use textures from on your 3d models?

nothing free can be used ? models, textures, sounds… ?

You need to check the website where you got the assets, especially for something like there’ll be some terms of use. And what you’re looking for is specifically about whether you can sell things that use the assets.

i got rejected my first asset for that issue, i used free models from turbosquid, free music & sounds from www and textures from, what will be the best approach to fix this ?

for example: replacing all character by the ue4 mannequin, replacing city object with basic geometry objects, using no music & sounds and live the cubes without any textures ?

Same as what I said, check their licensing and terms of use, if they allow the assets to be used in the way you want to use them then you can share that information with Epic to prove you have permission to use them that way. Otherwise, remove them and use something else.

@darthviper107 Thanks for replying kind sir. It really helped me understanding things better. :slight_smile:

how do i share that info with epic?

I haven’t submitted anything to the marketplace so I don’t know how it’s set up, but I would assume if you get something refused then they have an email or something you can reply to to appeal

you don’t get an email to appeal, only an email notification, but thanks anyway for the help, i was using free assets from turbosquid, sound bible & others websites and i thought that they can be put on a ue4 template, thanks for the info @darthviper107